Lanzarote Wine Cellars route

Starting once again from the Monumento to Peasants, take the road to the village of San Bartolomé from the roundabout on your left. Some 2 kilometres from there take the deviation to the right. You will go directly to the square, next to the Town Hall and the Church which is dedicated to San Bartolomé.

In San Bartolomé just behind the town hall you will find the wineries Bodegas Barreto. Here you can visit the ageing cellar and taste the wines of this house. You can also visit the new premises in Masdache.

The Barreto family has been dedicated to viticulture in Lanzarote for over a century. Its current capacity is 800.000 litres, among the most important wineries in Lanzarote. Its wines labelled with the brand El Campesino have deserved important tasting awards, among them are Alhondigas 1996, 1997 and 1998.

From the roundabout next to the Monument take the road sign posted A Masdache – La Geria- Uga- Yaiza. After you walk two kilometres in the winery Bodega El Grifo, take the opportunity to learn everything associated to the art of wine making in Lanzarote in the winery museum and library.

This is the oldest winery in the Canary Islands and one of the oldest in Spain. Founded in 1775, it has won prestigious awards, giving its wines national and international prestige. Within the winery premises, there is a nice museum devoted to the world of wine. You will find unique pieces inside what is considered one of the most complete and well frequented museums in Spain, because of the peculiarity of wines.

When leaving the winery Bodega El Grifo, turn to the right and after passing by Masdache enjoy the sea of lava and the volcanoes that emerge before you. After two minutes you will be in the heart of La Geria, whose landscape impresses anyone just imagining the incredible effort needed to grow each grapevine. Stop at the winery located on the nineteenth kilometre on the right: Bodaga La Geria.

It was built at the end of the 19th century, it is one of the oldest wineries on the island. Located near the small church Ermita de la Caridad, in the heart of the area of La geria, this is the most important grape and wine-growing area in Lanzarote. Since 1990 their owners have obtained the best from the Muscat and Malvasia grapes to offer a range of high quality wines. This winery has received several awards in regional wine-tasting contests.

On the right of this winery you will see the small church Ermita de la Caridad, which was buried by the great eruption. Go back and take the road sign-posted a Macher. When you arrive at Macher look for the street Camino del Volcán.there you will find the peculiar winery Bodega Timanfaya.

This little winery is located in the interior of a lava mantle, in Macher (Tías). The volcanic cave was for years the birthplace of great home wines for exclusive family use. Nowadays the winery has a production of 5000 litres, although it has a capacity of 50.000 litres. The king of the winery is the red known as tinto barrica, though the white rose and sweet wines are no less worthy.

Castillo de guanapay wine cellar is located in La Asomada in the municipality of Tias.wines are produced with modern techniques under stric temperature controls to obtain the best quality of Lanzarote´s grape.

Rubicón wine cellar is located on the road of La Geria, between Teguise and Yaiza. Founded by Jean de Bethencourt in the early 15th cenury, el Rubicón was the first European settlement in Lanzarote, from who the island´s great agricultural economy was iniciated. Vines where introduced in the area around Chupadero and Santa Catalina, whose dedication was growing cereals just before the eruptions of the 18th century. After the eruptions the whole area was covered by lapili and growing vines through the technique called enerenado natural (dry field) became the main function of La Geria. This technique is still being used and gives birth to a wine with a worldwide unique bouquet.

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